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CTSS MARINE DECKING Company is specialised in marine flooring, synthetic teak decking and our product is named ECOTEEK.

ECOTEEK is an innovative & cost-effective product for marine flooring which combines all features of different synthetic teak decks worldwide.

ECOTEEK is named by the meaning of eco-friendly and economical which means our ECOTEEK decking is envirmentally friendly and the price is also very fair and affordable.

ECOTEEK is an excellent alternative to traditional teak flooring and has a lot of advantages compared with traditional teak decks. ECOTEEK Synthetic decking requires almost no maintenance to keep it from splitting or going gray, it also has excellent nonskid properties, even when wet.

ECOTEEK decking is superior in quality, texture and color. Our decking color is 90% similar to natural teak so they look very beautiful & natural when being installed on the boats. ECOTEEK decking is UV stablized, waterproof, non-slip, free from maintenance, and will not dry out, crack, or crumble over time. ECOTEEK is synthetic teak but looks more like real freshly-oiled teak. Spent less for more fun is the essence of our product.

According to the preference of different clients (installers), we have developed two types of decks for option, one is for welding and another one is to be glued down piece by piece (great fun for DIY).

Before ECOTEEK decking was developed and manufactured, we have been working with natural teak decks and different brands of synthetic decks from around the world in the past ten years so we know all features of each product very well, with all experience we have gathered through our more than ten years of hard working in the field of installing both natural teak decks and synthetic decks for boats and yachts, we surely know how to work with our customers and provide them with the best products at most reasonable prices.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about our products. We can provide free samples for your reference per request.

Thank you very much for your time and we sincerely look forward to working with you for your next projects.

All the best to you and your inquiry will be greatly appreciated.